Komodo Sports

Weighted Slam Ball


Explosive Strength and Speed

Our no-bounce slam balls are designed to be used for a full body exercise for explosive strength, power, speed, stamina and improve co-ordination!

Manufactured to a high standard sand-filled construction, the non-bounce slam ball is suitable for high intensity repeated slamming against a wall or floor surface. It is also an excellent addition to any all over body high density workout. The sand filled inside keeps the ball from bouncing and rolling around which provides any disturbance during workouts.

Why Use a Slam Ball?

Providing enhanced resistance and weight, the slam ball increases the intensity of dynamic movements. Target any area of the body using the ball and supercharge your cardiovascular fitness.

Improve muscle strength and enjoy greater aerobic capacity and improvements in all-round athletic performance. Increase the number of calories burnt during exercise, aid weight loss and tone muscles.

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