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Speed Jump Rope

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A New String to Your Fitness Bow

Skipping can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, and is used in even the most advanced workouts. Perfect for cardio, conditioning or fat loss training, skipping is often seen with Crossfit, HIIT, Circuit Training, boxing, or even just on its own for a fat blasting session.

Perfectly Designed for a Perfect Skip

Enjoy a lightweight, balanced design with unique ball bearing mechanism for lightning fast rotations for double and triple unders. Anti-tangle cable ensures a smooth spin, which can be adjusted for athletes of all heights and then cut to remove any excess length. 

Knurled handles ensure optimum grip through even the most gruelling workouts and a quality design and feel give you confidence that it's a lifetime product. 

Some Pointers 👇

  • If a skipping beginner, or if you want to perform tricks like crossovers, we would recommend the heavier and more flexible Starter rope.
  • Not intended for use on abrasive services due to the friction while skipping

The Boring (But Important!) Stuff:

  • Length: 3m (Adjustable)
  • Handle total length: 16.6cm
  • Ball diameter: 2.6cm
  • Weight: 111g

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