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Rubber Hex Dumbbells

£29.99 £34.99

Build Muscle and Lose Weight at Home

Take your workouts home with you and ditch the gym for good with your own rubberised hex dumbbells. Suitable for all levels of fitness, add resistance training into your routine to burn fat while building muscle: the ultimate workout cheat code!

Dumbbells are the perfect addition to a resistance training routine: 

  • Endless workout and exercise options
  • Activate more muscle groups during single exercises
  • Improve muscle force and flexibility
  • Build core strength
  • Improve balance and coordination

Designed with Home Workouts in Mind

Eco-friendly and durable material for long term use, hex-shaped dumbbells prevent rolling to keep them tidy when not in use. For when things get sweaty, rely on the knurled handle grip to keep the dumbbells from slipping.

The Boring (But Important!) Stuff:

  • Material: Hard rubber HDPE

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