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Rotating Pushup Handles


Maximise the Benefits of the Traditional Pushup 

Use this loved fitness accessory to rotate and distribute weight evenly during pushups to ease strain on joints and wrists and reduce risk of injury. Enjoy more contraction on targeted muscles (e.g. chest, arms or shoulders) while increasing blood flow for maximum impact. 

Quality Built to Last

Large base and built to last, non-slip construction gives a solid feel to provide confidence in movement and use on all home and gym surfaces. Ergonomic moulded grip gives you more control over your grasp of the handle.

Increase Your Range Of Motion

Increase your range of motion and target different parts of the body such as triceps, chest and shoulders allowing you to easily improve your workout. Position the handles closer and further away from your body to target different body parts.

The Boring (But Important!) Stuff:

  • Diameter: 20cm
  • Weight capacity: 100KG

(take into account most of your weight will be on your toes still!)

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