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Resistance Bands

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Join the Club and Revolutionise Your Training

Resistance bands are the world's most popular home-workout addition for a reason! 

Incredibly robust and versatile, they can be incorporated into various exercises to add additional resistance or support, or used anywhere for standalone workouts themselves. Each band can be easily combined to increase the resistance as you grow stronger.

Any Workout, Any Person, Anywhere

Made with latex-free, non-toxic material, these bands are powderless and odourless for discreet use, and offer re-enforced strength and enhanced durability. No weights? No problem! Train every muscle group and get inventive with your workouts to make the most of any session.

Common Uses:

  • Aid stretching
  • Assistance during pull-ups
  • Standalone exercises e.g. bicep curls
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation of injured muscles
  • Increased resistance during pushups, benchpress and barbell exercises 

 The Boring (But Important) Stuff:

  • Material: TPE (Latex Free)
  • Length: 2080mm
  • Thickness: 4.5mm

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