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MuscleCare™ Foam Roller

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Cure Muscle Pain Before it Starts

Foam rollers are an essential part of any home gym, or perfect for before and after any workout. A must-have for recovery and rehabilitation, increase circulation while providing trigger point therapy and deep tissue massages to all areas of the body.

Used by millions around the globe, the foam roller is also popular outside of the world of sports, used to help with back problems and tightness in other muscle groups.

Enjoy Premium Recovery

High density ribs and bumps allow you to work on tight muscles, muscular knots and stiff joints, and can be used for a number of different parts of the body where muscle fatigue and strain happen such as the neck, shoulders, back, chest, forearms, hamstrings, ankles and calves.

The Boring (But Important!) Stuff:

  • Weight: 900grams
  • Dimensions:  33 x 14cm

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