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Adjustable Weight Bench

£87.99 £124.99

Fully Adjustable For Every Workout Session

A MUST HAVE for any home gym, bring the next level to your workouts with this adjustable weight bench. Perfect for dumbbell, resistance band or even bodyweight exercises, adjust the height of the backrest for a fully customisable workout. 

Perfect for:

  • Incline, decline and flat bench chest exercises
  • Abdominal exercises like situps
  • Back exercises such as dumbbell and resistance band rows

Never Settle Again and Go For Durability

With heavy-duty, long life construction and a portable folding system for quick movement, this bench features optimised cushioned padding for maximum comfort during workouts.

The Boring (But Important!) Stuff:

    • Backrest Height: 9 Adjustable Levels
    • Measurements: 105cm L x 40cm W x 109cm H
    • Net Weight:
    • Weight Capacity (User+Weights): 272kg


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