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5 Level Aerobic Stepper


Our aerobic stepper is the perfect fitness accessory for training at home. It features a compact design made with long-lasting and durable strengthened plastic, the stepper is lightweight and portable for easy storage, without compromising on quality.

Perfect for commonly used step up exercises and workout routines, or as a simple accessory to your daily workouts.

  • Suitable for all skill levels and sizes.
  • Adjustable height with secure fitting blocks.
  • Non-slip stepping surface.
  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage.

No additional assembly required. Including 8 additional risers, this bench stepper can be adjusted to 5 different height settings for a better control over the intensity of your workout. 


  • Length: 78cm
  • Width: 28cm
  • Height: 10/15/20/25/30cm
  • Weight capacity: 120KG


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