When will I receive my item?

As soon as your order is placed, we will prepare your order for shipment and dispatch it as soon as possible. We use a range of couriers depending on the circumstances, and delivery times may vary depending on volume and availability. You can read the specifics within our shipping policy here.

How much is postage?

A nice easy one: Nothing! We'll ship all UK orders free of charge, as we know just how frustrating it is to reach the checkout and realise you've got more to spend!

Can I cancel or change my order?

You are free to reach out to us and cancel your order up until it has been marked as shipped. After this point we will accept returns if the item is faulty.  

Why haven't I received any tracking information?

While we'll always do our best to provide a tracking number, due to warehouse limitations we may use third party warehouses to distribute our products, and in the effort to get your order out ASAP it may not be recorded. Please don't panic, as this is completely normal, and we'll investigate for you if your wait extends beyond our estimated delivery period.

Can I order from outside the UK?

Yes! While we mainly provide goods to customers around the UK, we can ship internationally, and your shipping costs to do so will be calculated at checkout.


About Us

Are my payment details secure?

Yes! The Gym Kit Store operates with payment partners such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Stripe to ensure payments are taken safely, securely, and through them only. This means that even we can't see your payment details, and they are held directly with the provider.

Where do you get your products from?

We use a range of manufacturers and distributors to supply our products, as it takes a lot to get our blessing, and each product goes through a rigorous testing procedure before we'll decide to sell it to our customers!

Do you have a physical store?

While The Gym Kit Store did start off with face to face sales, we decided to move to an online-only store to better serve our growing customer base.

More happy customers = more places that want our kit!

Do you actually use all the kit you sell?

Yes! Our staff all take part in different sports, which makes us great guinea pigs when hand-picking our next product to add to our collection! Whether it's running, yoga or even kickboxing, we've used them all before.

How long have you been operating?

We've been selling gym equipment and working in the fitness industry for several years, in multiple different roles and stores, both physical and online. Gym Kit Store staff are all active and take part in sports of various descriptions, so that we can be sure that we sell the equipment we'd want to use ourselves! 

Is shopping with The Gym Kit Store safe?

Absolutely! The Gym Kit Store was founded by fitness enthusiasts based in the South-East of England, with the sole intention to provide great quality workout kit to athletes of all levels without the price tags associated with big brands. We care about keeping fit, and want to enable others to do so too! Our Company Director writes after each new order placed to give you his personal details should you ever have a concern.


Need Some Help?

I'm having problems with the website, what can I do?

If you run into any issues during your shopping experience with us, we want to hear about it, and will get on it straight away! Please reach out to us via our Contact Us page here!

What are your support hours, and how do I get in touch?

While we currently only operate our customer support department via email and chat, we aim to respond to your queries ASAP, which even means replying out of hours. As a rule of thumb, we'll always try to reply within 12 hours, and guaranteed within 24!

I've got some questions about a particular product before ordering, who can I ask?

Our Support folks are always on hand to answer any questions or help with any concerns you may have before going ahead with your order. Let us know and we'll be glad to help! You can use our Contact Us page here!



Can I return my order?

Sure! We know you'll LOVE our kit, so will always seek to help with any concerns you have about your order. If you still aren't happy, then we'll accept any items you don't need back for a refund for store credit, if returned within 7 days of the delivery date. You can read the specifics within our returns policy here.

What if I've received my order and something's faulty?

Never fear - we'll get right on this for you. As soon as you find out your item is faulty, drop us an email or a message and we'll help ASAP. You can use our Contact Us page here!

How long will my refund take?

Any refunds will be issued immediately upon receipt and review of your return. The funds are then released via our payment provider immediately too, which means the only wait you'll then have is if your bank must process the refund their side, which can take up to 5 working days to do. 

My order arrived, but some of my items are missing?

Not to worry - due to warehouse limitations we may use third party warehouses to distribute our products, which means that some parts of your order may arrive before others. This is completely normal, but of course if you have any concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to us and check! 


Haven't found the answer you need? Reach out to us via our Contact Us page!